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Women's Jackets Collection

Shop the latest styles and trends for women's. High quality fur jackets handcrafted with care.

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About Starlight Furs

Starlight Furs has been proudly serving you since 1982. Made in Montreal, Canada with delicacy and care for all ages. We are committed to customer satisfaction by ensuring quality fur garments, handcrafted by our experienced furrier. Don't miss out on the luxury and warmth fur brings to your life. (Read more)


Shop the latest styles and trends in women's coats.   Fur, a sustainable,... 

Blankets & Throws

Find a large selection of real fur blankets and throws, chic and... 

  • Vasiliki Dremonas Vadevoulis

    What a 5 star experience! We traveled to Montreal from Chicago for Christmas, and not only did the owner Pavlos open his store early for us, but he spent a considerable amount of time showing us his gorgeous creations, listening to our taste preferences, and eventually CUSTOM DESIGNING a mink coat for my petite frame. He and his lovely wife Tina had it shipped to Chicago for me, and it's absolutely gorgeous. Top notch customer service and genuine artistry. I have yet to find another furrier who has this level of craftsmanship and design quality. I feel like I need to come back to Montreal just for another visit to this amazing fur boutique. THANK YOU.

  • Marlène Boudreault

    A unique experience and a personalized, tailor-made service.

    Pavlos, master fur specialist, takes his time with his clients. Generous with his knowledge, he gives us advice and options in order to offer us the perfect coat, cape or jacket.
    Classic or more striking style: multiple options await you!

    Definitely, this address is worth the detour!
    Signed: Ultra-satisfied customer in every way!

  • Victoria Fernández Fernández

    I wanted to replace the synthetic fur trim on my winter coat collar. Paulo was so nice and attentive, he helped me out choosing a magnific fur, the service was impecable, he put the fur at the moment, he showed me his workshop, everything is hand made and he is in the fur industry since he was 13 yrs old! I waited not even 15 minutes to get a new hood for a very reasonable price, he even offered me a coffee while waiting. My winter coat looks amazing now, and I feel great wearing it with this fur that gave it a completely new look. Thanks Paulo!! I will tell everyone about the magnifique work you do.