Hat Size

You are shopping for a hat but you're uncertain of what size you should get it?

Here's the information you need so you can purchase your hat with peace of mind. 

How to Measure Your Head: 

1.  USE a soft tape measure or a soft string.

2.  PLACE it around your head, positioned mid-forehead and just above the ears.
3.  MEASURE your head in centimetres or inches.
4.  FIND your hat size on the hat size chart. (see chart below)

How to Measure a Hat: 

  1. Hat height: 
    PLACE the measuring tape at the edge of the brim and pull the tape up to the top of the hat.

  2. Circumference: 
    MEASURE the circumference of the hat by placing the measuring tape on the inside edge of the hat’s head hole and pulling the measuring tape in a circle until both ends of the measuring tape meet.

Tips and Tricks for Successfully Measuring Your Hat Size 

1. Measure Twice because it's better to be safe than sorry and have the hassle of exchanging it or returning it.

2. Always Size up instead of down. If your measurements are in between two sizes, you should round it up and never down. It's important for a hat to fit securely, and not too tight and uncomfortable. If you're looking to get a comfortable hat, we suggest that after measuring your head, you round up to the next 1/8 inch. If you'd like assistance with this step, please contact us. 

3. Don't Pull the String Tight avoid pulling it too tight once it's wrapped around your head if f you're using a piece of string or a flexible measuring tape to measure. A good rule of thumb is to pull the string as tight as you'd want the hat to feel resting around your head. Some hats should fit more loosely than others, so take that into consideration about how tight you pull the string.