About us

Starlight's founder Pavlos Flikas was born in the northern part of Greece, in a small town called Dafnero, Kozani. His first introduction to fur was at age 12, when he decided that he wanted to become a furrier.

He started working with different kinds of furs (i.e. mink, beaver, fox, etc.) and quickly learned the trade and all the luxury and warmth fur offers. He moved to Canada when he was 16 years old, where he mastered his technique and continued learning. Pavlos founded Starlight Furs in 1982 with his wife Tina. Together they’ve been making fur garments and accessories and selling them across Canada, the US and Europe. He is an active member of the Fur Council of Canada and Métiers d’Art du Québec. All fur items from Starlight Furs are made in Canada with utmost precision, pride and passion...with the signature of Pavlos Flikas.