Fur Garment Storage Service

When you purchase a fur garment, you are making an investment, and as any investment, it's very important to protect it. A proper storage of your fur, leather and shearling garments is crucial to guarantee it’s durability and to maintain their original softness, sheen, pliability and color. 

At Starlight Furs we can insure the proper care and storage of your garments. 

There are many different factors that will cause the fur to deteriorate. Here are some advantages to consider when storing with Starlight Furs that are very hard to control at home: 

  •  Limit exposure to UV light thus minimizing oxidation and color degradation
  • Humidity control is used to prevent evaporation of essential oils that keep skins soft and pliable
  • Temperature control maintains a uniform cool environment, reducing biodegradation reactions
  • Security is ensured with alarm and video recording systems
  • Use of a state of the art sanitation program to insure that the exposure to infestation is eliminated.

Come see for yourself, bring your garments and don’t wait any longer to protect your precious investments. To make it even easier for you to store your garments during the spring and the summer seasons and have it back for fall and winter seasons we put in place a pick-up and drop-off option, depending on your location, and for an additional cost. 

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