Starlight Furs First Live Stream Runway Show

Starlight Furs First Live Stream Runway Show

Starlight Furs is proud to share with you our first-ever Online Live Stream Runway - End Of Season SALE.

This event took place on February 21st, 2021, at our store at 9090 Parc Avenue, Montreal and we had the pleasure of showcasing our garments on sale, as well as accessories, with exclusive deals for those who attended the event.
We wanted to offer the greatest deals to those who supported our event, a way to show our appreciation for them.

All products showcased were designed with care and love by Pavlos Flikas, who has over 40 years of experience: Pavlos was introduced to the fur at the age of 12 and it became his passion ever since.
The same passion and his natural talent for the craft were what brought him and his wife Tina to Canada: for the amazing fur, the beauty of renewable resources.
Pavlos and his wife founded Starlight in 1982, opening their first store downtown, by the Maisonneuve fur district, and years later they moved to Chabanel Garment district (Cité de la Mode).
Over the years they’ve done tradeshows all over the world and those were some of the best moments of their careers.

With the current situation, with Covid-19 making it impossible to go out, socialize, and have fun, we thought of bringing you this event, from the comfort and safety of your home.
Why put up an event like this during this time?
Well, we think it’s the best time to bring some entertainment and good vibes to you!
We miss the runway, traveling, and socializing so much that we’re sure you miss it too.
We decided to adapt and brought the show to life.
In our day in age, we have no choice but to evolve and during these uncertain times, we need to hang on to the positive.
Life goes by too fast to not enjoy the little things, and for all the fashion lovers this is something you will surely appreciate.
We put together a runway show with models showing the elegance and beauty of each garment.
Pavlos had the honor of showcasing his handcrafted men’s coats and jackets.

When choosing your fur garment, you are making an investment. We know how important this decision is and how hard it can be.
So many styles, and furs, so many options to choose from, it can be overwhelming. Starlight Furs will hand you a certificate with your purchase and a 3 years guarantee so you can have peace of mind when doing your purchase.
To ensure your satisfaction and the good care of your garment, we offer 1-year free storage as well, because you and your fur are important to us.

Our first live stream was a success, and none of this would’ve been possible without an amazing team. We had three beautiful models showcasing our women’s garments and accessories, Elena Domocos, Romina Vespa, and Marie Grosso, who we would like to thank very much for such a wonderful performance. Our production team, On a Roll Record, did an amazing with the setup, music, and live streaming of this event straight to your screen at home. And all of you, who took the time out of your busy day to watch our event, either live or afterward, a big thank you!

As the future is still uncertain and shows are not happening anytime soon, we decided to present our Spring and Upcycled Collection in April, the date to be determined.
If you were unable to attend, you are still on time, the Runway show is available on our YouTube Page. Please let us know that you watched it by leaving a comment. We are always looking to improve and your opinion is valuable to us.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions and please let us know what you think of this blog post on the comment.
Hope to see you at our next live stream or if life lets us meet in person again!

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